Stitched Erosion Control Blankets

Stitched Erosion Control Blankets

BCI Stitched Erosion Control Blanket Type 6 100% Coirfibre stitched together on both sides with a PP-net - to be used for : highly endangered areas exposed to rapid drainage - durable by slowly degradable and tear proof coir fibre

BCI Erosion Control Blankets are preferably used for

Ø   freshly soiled embankments
Ø   lining new water-courses
Ø   balancing ponds
Ø   lake edging
Ø   rain reservoirs
Ø   protecting tidal zone reinstatements
Ø   new slope cuttings
Ø   sports fields and golf courses
Ø   railway embankments
Ø   road ditching
Ø   facing reinforced soil structures
Ø   protecting natural monuments
Ø   establishing wild flowers

Net Options:

The PP-nets decompose by being exposed to the sun. Depending on the net type the time of decomposition differs.

Standard PP-nets

light weight photodegradable (not UV-stabilized)      :  durability of abt. 6-10 months

Jute netting                                                                       :   durability of abt. 10-18 months

   100% biodegradable

Coir netting                                                                        :   100% biodegradable durability of

                                                                                                 abt.24-38 months

Benefits of the BCI Erosion Control Blankets

Ø     Erosion causing energies are absorbed while offering instant 100% soil protection.

         Can be laid in running water trapping sediment fines.

Ø     Seeds and indigenous plants can establish from within and below the matting,

         generating a natural range of plants.

Ø    Mulching effect of the matting improves all-year round establishment.
Ø    Choice between medium-term reinforcement of surface root matrix or a totally

        biodegradable system.

Ø    Mats can be placed manually, often concurrently with the soiling operation.

       They are simple to install and especially valuable for awkward situations.

Fixing Material:

Depending on how the site is located, the Erosion Control Blankets are to be fastened to the ground against wind attack. According to the nature of the ground you can use either steel pins or wooden pegs of different lengths.